Scripting Social Media Success Through Drupal

What is an ideal social networking script? To state the obvious, it is the script that lets you decide the course the social networking modules on your website must take- right from the time the script is embedded, till the point it becomes your enterprise’s most powerful marketing tool. For instance, you are running a website that offers user information on certain topics through articles, you can call it a success when certain articles approach virality and beyond by the means of shares and likes across different social media platforms. Investing in social networking gives great returns, and by using Drupal for your social networking script, you are poised for only the best results.

It takes a combination of several things to make your social media campaign and networking stand out. Drupal provides you with an umbrella of features leveraging which helps you stay ahead of the competition. Drupal makes it easier for healthy interactions to take place by coming up with a varied set of building tools for blogs, social media profiles and forums.

Drupal is scalable, which makes it a perfect choice for websites. Adding various features like newsletters, blogs, images or videos makes for one seamless task with it. The fact that the content on websites designed using Drupal can be easily edited makes it altogether more investment worthy. When it comes to content for social media, it has to be crisp and concise ten out of ten times, and there you can rely on Drupal to achieve the same.

Once you have created a social networking website using Drupal, there are various modules you can choose from to make it work. Groups can be created for people with common interests through the Organic Groups Module. The User Relationships modules help you segregate your network into followers and friends. The Heartbeat module, true to its name, lets you keep a track of the live activity on the other end. The Notification module facilitates better engagement and activity of users on your website. And if you have been hoping to find something that served the purpose ‘Like’ aka Facebook, you have Flag. Read the rest of this entry »

.NET Jobs Can Be Found Easier

When you’re looking for .NET jobs, it’s important to be able to find them quickly so you can become employed. You will be able to find jobs online and offline.

To ensure you find them as quickly as possible, you will want some help along the way. This is why it is advantageous to work with a recruiter to assist you in your job hunt.

There are many companies looking for people who are knowledgeable about .NET framework. If you are one of these individuals, you will want to try and find work as quickly as possible for yourself.

The average company only needs one person, which means you may have a lot of competition for the job opening. Depending upon where you live, you may be one of 10, 100, or even 1,000 people applying for a single job opening.

A recruiter is going to help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • - Polishing your resume
  • - Adding valuable skills
  • - Setting you up with interviews
  • - Negotiating the best salary

If you were to work on your own to locate .NET jobs, it’s unlikely that you will find all of the ones in the area. This is because more and more companies are working with IT recruiters to do their hiring for them. As a result, it is the recruiters placing ads for open positions, not the individual companies. If you have your heart set on working for a particular company, it may not look as though they are ever hiring. Since they work with a recruiter, you will want to work with a recruiter as well.

A recruiter is going to help you cut to the front of the line. When you have been working with a company, they know you and they may have even interviewed you to get to know your marketable skills more intimately. By doing this, you can ensure you are primed and ready for the position that they ultimately pair you with. Read the rest of this entry »

The Endless Learning Life of a Software Developer

I used to get good marks on my high school exams. I wasn’t the best of my class but neither did I have to put a lot of effort in to studying. At university, my life changed. Suddenly, I had to learn more than what the teacher lectured about in the classroom to pass my exams. I had to do my own research about the subjects, read every book in the library related to the topic, and solve every problem in the most efficient way. Resultantly, I used to think that when I started my professional life, I’d just need to read a book once in a while to know the “what’s new” about my programming language, and that’d be all.

After developing for different systems, I finally settled down in smartphone apps. I started building iOS apps, and, of course, I had to spend many weekends updating my knowledge each time Apple released a new version with new features and changes in the language. Multiple sizes of screen support, push notifications, iCloud, in-app purchases, the list never ends. Then I decided that I still wasn’t crazy enough and started to learn Android, so now I have to spend more of my free time learning the new capabilities of the two main smartphone platforms. And, when I have time, I also try to give some tips to those thinking about making apps on my site.

Surely, people will think of me as a geek or a nerd guy that loves to spend hours surrounded by computers and gadgets, but I shouldn’t complain. I do like computers and gadgets, and I also like spending time with my girlfriend, watching movies, reading a good book…

So when does this learning process finish? The answer is never. Who can assure me that smartphone apps will generate enough money for my whole professional life? These days some new devices such as Google Glass and smart watches are appearing, and the future seems to belong to the wearables. A new way to open your e-mail, make phone calls, and browse the web is already here. One day we won’t have smartphones in our pockets anymore; we’ll be the smart devices ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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