Mar 18

With Tablets and Mobility, POS Is Evolving

Point-of-sale (POS) systems-they’re cutting costs, boosting marketing reach and raising the number of impulse buys you snag from your customers. Inventory management is improved as shrinkage is reduced. And they’re changing the face of customer service by speeding up transaction times and customer engagement as they grow more sophisticated and easier to use.

And with tablets and mobility hitting the POS scene, retail POS systems have moved to a new level. Building a unique and highly satisfying consumer experience is easier (and competitively more important than ever), and also remarkably cost effective. They help you move beyond just providing high-demand products to making that selection and purchase a positive experience that drives satisfaction and loyalty.

POS Smartphone Mobility

Customers today are increasingly savvy when it comes to their mobile devices, and are always connected-and businesses are adapting to the changing landscape. The integration of advanced mobile options into in-store purchase systems means tapping into the increasingly sophisticated customer’s interest. You offer better customer experiences, from mobile employees who can complete their transaction anywhere in the store, to friendlier, more appealing store layouts without counters full of ugly POS terminals. Plus, the mobility trend offers enormous bottom-line advantages, when comparing their cost to traditional register POS systems, including eschewing complex configurations. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 16

Flash Vs HTML5 In Google Chrome


The use of audio, videos and animations is inevitable in a large number of websites. Google knows this for a fact and it is among the reasons why it continues to releases newer version of Chrome that readily support online media playback. Chrome holds the top position as the fastest browser, mostly due to its fast pace in rendering images and scripts. This means that the war between HTML5 and Flash puts it on the spotlight as a leading browser. It is not easy for Chrome to take sides in such arguments given that the two have their pros and cons. Here is a closer look on HTML5 and Flash concerning how they handle multimedia files and other features.

Flash On Chrome

Adobe introduced Flash to the world of web programming more than a decade ago. It has become more of a web publishing standard, with close to 98% of both laptop and desktop browsers using it. Its popularity soared to great heights, so much so that a majority of web developers relied on it for eye-catching banners and other advanced features. It is still the leading audio and video plugin, offering playback support on Chrome and many other web browsers.

Unlike other browsers, you do not need to download and install Adobe Flash player to play audio and video files in your browser because it comes embedded in Chrome for Windows. You can however choose to disable Flash on your Chrome browser by using the FlashControl feature. Chrome system updates come bundled with those of Flash, making the process of updating easy and fast. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 10

Custom Mobile Apps

Custom mobile applications are very popular amongst those that have mobile phones and tablets. People get tired of the standard applications that are preinstalled into their mobile devices. Custom applications expand the functionality of a mobile device and turn it into something different. For example, if you are driving to an unfamiliar destination then you can download a custom mapping application to get driving directions. Another situation could be if you are outside at nighttime and then use a flashlight application on your mobile phone to turn it into an LED flashlight. The possibilities that custom applications bring to your mobile phone are endless.

So, who develops custom applications? Obviously, they are not built by the manufacturer of the mobile phone that you are using. Instead, they can be created by virtually any individual or business that has programming knowledge. Either that or you can hire somebody who knows the programming language to design a custom application for whatever you want. Let’s say you own a restaurant and you want to build a custom application that is branded towards your business. All you have to do is hire a programmer to develop an application that allows your customers to communicate with your business. This same concept applies to all types of businesses, whether they are local or national businesses. Applications are a great way for individuals and businesses to build a social relationship with each other. Read the rest of this entry »

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