ITIL Security Management Control and Plan Procedure

Security management presents a structure to obtain the incident of security-related cases and minimize the effect of security breaches. The actions within the security management process needs to be updated regularly to be able to keep current and be reliable. Security management is a never-ending task and it can be in comparison to Deming’s Quality Circle (Plan, Do, Check and Act).

During this process, the inputs are the conditions that happen to be demanded by the clients. The conditions are translated into security programs, quality of security that must be delivered in the security division of the service level agreements (SLA). This implies that both the client as well as the plan sub-process provides inputs in the SLA therefore the SLA is an input for equally the client and the process. The provider then builds the security and safety strategies for his procedure. These security programs consist of the security guidelines and the Operational level agreements. The security programs (Plan) are subsequently applied (Do) and the implementation is then assessed (Check). After the assessment, both the program and the delivery of the program are sustained (Act).


“Control” is the very first activity in the sub-process of the security management procedure. The control sub-process sets up and deals with the security management procedure itself. The control sub-process specifies the methods, the distribution of task, the terms of policy and the managing framework.

The security management structure specifies the sub-processes for the advancement of security and safety policies, the application of the security policies, the analysis and precisely how the outcome of the analysis are converted into functional programs.


The plan sub-process consists of tasks that in collaboration with the service stage procedures contribute to the information security aspect of the SLA. The plan sub-process is made up of functions which happen to be relevant to the underpinning agreements that are distinct for information security.

Within the plan sub-process, the objectives developed in the SLA are defined by means of operational level agreements (OLA). These types of OLAs will be considered as security policies for a particular internal network entity of the service provider. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Anti-Social With Cloak, The IOS App

It seems we can’t avoid social networking these days. It’s on our computers, tablets, e-readers and cell phones. Everywhere we go, people want to “like” us or “connect” with us. With the success of social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter, it’s no wonder Silicon Valley is eager to create the next great social media app. With all this socializing, there is a growing contingent of people tempted to sell cell phones for cash and abandon the social networking culture that is alive and thriving in America today.

Current Social Media

For those who want to connect, there is an endless array of apps and media on which to do it. If you just want to connect with people, there’s always Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Want to share photos, you can use Flickr and Instagram. You can check in at restaurants and local businesses with FourSquare and other social apps. These sites allow you to post reviews about the businesses you frequent. Almost every social app has its own chat function, so you can carry on conversations with every one of the people you’re connected to through your network.

Disconnect with Cloak

Cloak is a new app that will make you forget about wanting to sell your mobile phone because of its unique approach to social networking. Rather than connecting to every Tom, Dick and Harry, this app has an internal ‘hate-machine’ that accesses data from Instagram and Foursquare. This app actually alerts you so you can avoid running into people you’d rather not deal with in a regular basis. The app’s tagline is quite appropriately stated as “incognito mode for real life”?

How Does Cloak Work?

The app figures out “enemy” positions when they check in via Instagram or Foursquare. Then those positions are displayed on a green map for your city. When you look at the map, you can avoid areas where people you aren’t fond of are visiting. The map will only show locations, but the app also has a feature that lets you set up an alert when a “target” is approaching or gets within a certain distance of you. Creators Chris Bayer and Brian Moore may be adding information from other social media outlets that could give Cloak even more clout down the road. So before you swear off social media and decide to sell cell phones for cash, give Cloak a chance. Read the rest of this entry »

Applications of Eye Tracking Technology

Eye Tracking TechnologyEye tracking is a leading-edge technology which has been on the forefront of IT research for many years. The goal is to be able to control functions of a device, be it a computer or a mobile, by tracking the motion of the eyeballs. It has numerous applications in many areas and that is the reason it has rapidly become popular in scientific, business and medical domains. Fierce competition exists between many technology giants to get hold of this technology before others.

Eye Tracking is a form of information technology that uses three different methods for recording the movements and reactions of the eye ball. One of the three methods includes the very close monitoring of eyeball through an eye contact lens which records all the information accurately. Eye Tracking can also be done through glasses equipped with sensors which record all the data, but this method is relatively inaccurate and slow. The last method includes the use of electric potentials which are measured by electrodes placed near the eyes.

Marketing specialists believe that users, when viewing advertisements, focus on key elements of the advertisements which they find interesting and appealing. Researchers from various areas are working together on the eye tracking technology to determine which parameters govern an individual’s behavior and to determine these key factors. Eye tracking technology is of special interest to advertisement agencies because it will enable them to deliver targeted advertisement to the viewer which will ultimately increase their revenues and profits. Read the rest of this entry »

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